How To Build a Website With WIX (Tutorial)

October 15, 2017


I finally made a VERY complete tutorial on building a website using the WIX ADI and design tools.


I've been being hit in the face with WIX ads on YouTube forever, and kept skipping and ignoring them. I needed to help my daughter out on a website project, and everything I wanted to do I found WIX could do!


Well, there went 6 months - that's what I get for not paying attention.


I went in on this video with the purpose of porting my old Blogger site (which I despise) into something new and useful that looks like it was created in the 21st century, and I am VERY happy with the results!


I know it's REALLY long, but I wanted to not only put the "you're doing this for the money" idjits in check, but see if I could show you EVERYTHING this tool has to offer.


Even though it's over a HOUR long (Eyahhh!!!), I still wasn't able to cover everything, but I think I've given you enough to get the gist of creating a good looking website without spending a bunch or money or time (like I did) on doing it.


More so, it's now sooooo easy to keep this site maintained and make blog posts!


Because of the length, I've included video time markers to each of the sections below, so those that don't want to watch the rather humorous bits in the beginning, can get right to the tutorial.


Also note I ALWAYS place outtakes at the end of my videos. It keeps it fun for me and pushes home for anyone making videos that you WILL make mistakes, so just roll with them.


The website link is what you are looking at now. Notice it's which was the free domain name provided by WIX as part of the website, and it was FAST. I had this thing in minutes and it was working.


I went to GoDaddy where (domain name and where the Blogger site sits), and as shown in the video, simply forwarded it to this new website. It was really easy.


Here's the time markers for everything in the video:


▶ Why I Made This 00:22

▶ My Fake Spoof Commercial 01:11

▶ Why I Changed Websites 01:28

▶ Worst Website Ever Made 02:54

▶ WIX Keeps Promoting At Me 03:03

▶ Tutorial Overview 04:11

▶ Part One - Design with WIX ADI 05:09

▶ Part Two - Free Form WIX Design 20:48

▶ Part Three- Design Results and Paid Version 33:14

▶ Part Four - WIX Support 01:04:08

▶ Part Five - Pricing and Features 01:04:37

▶ FInal Recommendations 01:07:09

▶ Outro and Outtakes 01:07:45


I'm am also adding this tutorial to my YouTube course over at Basic FIlmmaker University, and offering a $300 DISCOUNT using this link:


Here's some other links that may be of interest:










Thanks for watching and thanks for your continued support - I couldn't do what I do without you!


My Best,


Kevin - The Basic Filmmaker

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