The Blue Screen of Death (Sucks) and the ALMOST Planet

January 8, 2018

Yeah, I'm still here, and yes, I am currently filming a cool review, and yes it will get posted - EVENTUALLY!


BUT...shit's not happening until my computer gets resurrected from the BSOD (blue screen of death).


Although it feeds me useless information, here's what it looks like in my mind...


 If you know your hex codes, the FAULT CODE at the bottom is a message to me, and if you decide to decode it, don't be offended by the language and don't say I didn't warn you.


So, after MANY DAYS of debugging and hunting and web surfing (all of which was useless), I determined it must be my video card, but before I invest AGAIN in a new video card, maybe I should see if my drivers are mucked up.



So I go to the nvidia website, and it tells me what drivers I should install. Cool! I install the recommended drivers, and, well, the computer is working again, but Premier Pro is crashing like a rock. There goes another hour or two.


So...I completely uninstall Creative Cloud, re-install a fresh new version from scratch - no prefs, clean as a whistle, still crashes and gives me the BSOD. There goes another couple hours.




So I get online with nVidia, and some dude helps me go through my system, we uninstall a bunch a stuff, run diagnostics, and do all this stuff, I re-boot (losing said rep on the chat), and...SAME THING! 




Finally, I get really tired of spending an entire day messing with this, I find out what driver I had originally installed for my nVidia card - it's about 20 versions back, and voila! Everything is better again!




Now realize, I installed NOTHING on this computer, no updates, no automatic updates (they're all disabled), didn't download anything executable, have virus protection software up the wazoo and nothing reported.


In short - I did absolutely nothing, and in fact, the ALMOST computer was mostly off while I was on holiday visiting my family.


There's a lesson here:


SHIT HAPPENS, and it might not be your fault.


Get over it, move along, and deal with the fact that we live on the planet that should have been named "ALMOST."


ALMOST computers that work most of the time, ALMOST cars that work most of the time, an ALMOST government that works only some of the time, ALMOST this and ALMOST that.


Did I mention my ALMOST washing machine decided to belly up yesterday too? LOL!


I'll be back IN FORCE soon with new videos, new university courses, a new look, and all sorts of new stuff, once I can be sure my ALMOST computer isn't going to ALMOST ^$%# me again.



I was kind of hoping to get a new ALMOST computer, but after sending MSI marketing and sales people MULTIPLE emails that I want to buy a system from them, and what would they recommend, they ALMOST sent an email back. 


Actually, they didn't respond at all, but I am hopeful they will ALMOST read my multiple emails, and want to ALMOST accept four or five thousand bucks from me.


Yes, add ALMOST companies to the list. :)


In the meantime, thanks for hanging with me, and this ALMOST entertaining blog post. :)


My Best,


Kevin - The Basic Filmmaker






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