MINI MOTORIZED SLIDER of the Future? Plus $45,000 Video Contest

June 16, 2019



In response to viewer questions, was asked to look for a small motorized slider while at NAB. iFootage makes the best one at the show in my opinion.



When I got to the iFootage booth at NAB to check everything out, I saw the new, yet to be released Nano slider, and I couldn't pay attention to anything else.



These guys are engineers, and they decide how to make things based on engineering awesomeness, not how to save a buck by using cheap plastic or less than working technology.

They also are fun, have a sense of humor, and are on my great people list along with Aputure, Deity, and Sound Devices to name a few.



The Nano Slider is completely silent, smooth, and doubles up both directions, with a clean, clear display, and can be powered via L-Ion, Cord, or other high powered batteries for all day shooting.



Watch the video to see all the features, and hopefully, they will kick this out soon, as I want one NOW! :) Suggested price is $499 available in August.



FInd iFootage products here:



ALSO...they are running a $45,000 contest which YOU CAN win something here:


-- Kevin

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