Affordable, Fast, and BIG Storage Drives for Video Creators?

June 18, 2019



In response to viewer questions, I was asked to look at NAB for large and fast storage drives that video creators could use for storage/backups, and hopefully, editing.


These LaCie 2BIG drives are brand new, pretty affordable and available in 4, 8, and 16 terabyte configurations with a reported 3 click setup for Mac and Windows. I'll be reviewing this soon so stay tuned.


4, 8, and 16 TB drives just became available here:

NOTE: LeCie/Seagate sent me a 16TB drive to review - stay tuned and I'll report back my findings.


A few viewers wanted to know if I could find a good large capacity hard drive that doesn't cost thousands of dollars, and fast enough to even edit on. I think this LaCie/Seagate drive may be the ticket.


Watch as Clermont describes it in full, and if you're new to drive tech, you'll learn a thing or two.


-- Kevin

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