Saramonic Expands Umic9 Wireless Systems Lineup

June 20, 2019



I was asked by a viewer to see what new products Saramonic is offering at the NAB show, and Jessie from Saramonic tells us about a very expansive wireless system for their popular Umic9 series.



UMic9 Lapel System:


Jessie from Saramonic shares the latest product line offering support for their popular UMic9 wireless systems.


Of particular interest was the RX-XLR9 which is small and runs on 2 standard AA’s or powered with an external USB battery pack. 


It has a built-in headphone output helpful when your camera lacks a headphone jack. 


The LCD is easy-to-read backlit and the unit can be rotated 320° to make room for other equipment.


The RX-XLR9 utilizes the UHF spectrum in the 514-596 MHz range with 96 selectable channels (not impacted by FCC ban).

It has an automatic-scan feature which locates the best available channel with infrared synchronization.


You can mix and match TX9 transmitters, TX-XLR9 plug-on transmitters, and HU9 handheld wireless microphones.

It has an XLR input, 3.5mm input, can support two wireless inputs up to 100m (330 feet), and is made out of metal.


-- Kevin

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