FINALLY! Monopods That Work Like Monopods Should from iFootage!

June 22, 2019



OK, maybe I'm a bit TOO excited about this monopod, but after using a TON of them, this is my all-time favorite monopod, battle-tested at NAB.. It ticks all the boxes: ✅ Build quality ✅ Options ✅ Stable ✅ Design ✅ Good  company.


Apologies for the few glitches in the video - the Tech gods are playing with me this week. :)

This is NOT just another monopod! 


I met up with iFootage at the 2019 #NABShow, and Ian was kind enough to lend me one of their iFootage A180 Cobra II monopods - the aluminum version (they have both a carbon and aluminum version).


My initial thoughts were, "OK, another fancy monopod. I'll check it out and return it when I'm done." I couldn't have been more wrong about this.


It's not only a show stopper, literally 20 people stopped me to ask what I had at NAB, but is the best and most functional monopod I have ever used, and the price point is incredible.


EVERYTHING on this unit screams high-quality and precision engineering, and you can tell these guys really thought everything through, from the o-rings on the slides, the smooth machined aluminum, the stainless springs and screws, the molded all around rubber footings, hard stops on the legs, patented quick release plate, the ability to make this a mini tripod in seconds, a 71 reach, and the list goes on and on.


I HIGHLY recommend this if you're looking for an excellent monopod for your videos.


Minipod (hi-hat) here:






-- Kevin

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