What does a BIG 16 TB Fast Drive look like? Like HAL 9000!

June 25, 2019



Yep, I'm getting another one - works for me, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. This is the 2BIG 16 TB hot-swappable drive and I found it's also speedy enough to edit with!

You can see the 2BIG 16 TB drive, specs, and smaller versions here:



I was asked before I went to NAB 2019 to check our storage drives.


I ran into LaCie and interviewed Claremont from Seagate.


Interview here:



As I say in the video, I am NOT a tech or IT guy, so I tested it for my needs: Can it render fast? Can it copy files fast? Does it have a warranty? Do they have a backup system in case I lose my files?



The answer to all of these is YES. I was quite surprised that the unit copied and rendered files as fast as my laptop SSDs, and will be buying another one of these for further backup.


-- Kevin

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