Better Videos! Color Correct and Match Footage EASY [Premiere Pro]

June 30, 2019



So, you're new to the color thing, or maybe you haven't even noticed that things don't match! That's cool. We've all been there!  Some of us still are!


I hope this video will open your eyes to seeing shot colors, and give you a tool you can USE to easily make your videos look better from shot to shot.



This is NOT the way to professionally color correct or color grade your film or video, but at least I've given you a tool to make yours look better without having to spend months or years learning all the jargon and skills of this art.


NOT an in-depth color correction/grading video, BUT, for those with Premiere Pro (possibly others) and new to this color thing, I think this will help painlessly up the look of your videos.



Get Adobe Premiere Pro:



Dave Andrade's Color Course:


-- Kevin

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