THIS is how you light a green screen in 2019! Slim Tube GREEN RGB Lights!

July 1, 2019



I've been looking for a way to offer my viewers the best way to light a green screen, which is green, but until recently, everything has been in the $5000 on up range, until now.


In my original green screen video, I talked about lighting as the key factor, but have been waiting for something better.


Here's the original video:



Since then I found better options than described in the video.


Here's the best backdrop for this:




Which you can find here:




I ran into CAME-TV at NAB and found a solution, a bit pricey, but FAR below what you would normally pay for these.


You can of course DIY these yourself, and I suggest you do, as you'll learn a lot, THEN you can decide if getting real lights like these are right for you.


CAME-TV RGB LED Slim Tube Lights:


3-Foot Single:


2-Foot Single:


1-Foot Single:


3-Foot 4-Pack (what I used):


-- Kevin



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