How To Learn Video, Filmmaking, or Anything Really

July 3, 2019



Once in a while, I go way off book, and this video is no exception. If you'd like to learn the basics of how to learn anything, grab a cup-o-joy, sit back, and have a watch.

In my life, I continually run into people who fail, get frustrated, or completely give up on learning video, audio, sound, lighting, set design, story, YouTube, and on and on.


I decided to lay out the basics of learning anything.


It's not easy to learn something new, but with a purpose, a willingness to put the time in to understand the terms and theory of the craft (and lots of practice) you can move from mediocre video creator to mastering the art form. 


It is my hope this video will help anyone having trouble mastering anything.



THERE BE LEARNING HERE (and more coming soon):


-- Kevin


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