Production Sound Fundamentals for Video and Film (ft. Curtis Judd)

July 4, 2019



Short version? NEW Curtis Judd course at Basic Filmmaker University (20% off for next two weeks):


Long version? I have some fun and show a course snippet at the end of the video. 


New Course Here:


I have long wanted (and was working on) a great sound and audio course for students at Basic Filmmaker University.


I wanted a one-stop shopping they could dive into and not have to spend YEARS figuring it all out.


What I wanted was a course that got RESULTS!


Curtis Judd was kind enough to provide exactly what I wanted for people to understand and up their game on sound and audio.


What's REALLY EXCITING is for the course price, you get weekly Q&A sessions from Curtis where he answers YOUR questions, no B.S., no extra charge.


I've used this forum many times to get specific answers to my own questions.


If you think you have it all nailed, disregard this course and message, unless you just want to support what Curtis and I are trying to do for the filmmaking community.


Otherwise - BUY IT! :)


-- Kevin


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Thank you for your support, it means a lot!

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