Work Faster With Multiple Timelines - Premiere Pro Tip/Tutorial

July 5, 2019



I was asked to edit a short and long version of a corporate video and wanted to share this tip for a super easy way to editing using multiple timelines.


Click, drag, and voila!



This is just a quick video as I realized some people don't know how to do this.


It's an interview video shot by someone else a while ago, and they wanted me to edit it together as a 3 minute and 5 minute using the same footage.


To do this, drag one of them to the bottom of Premiere (or as many as you have), and you've got multiple timelines.


You can drag and drop between the timelines which is basically like copying/pasting, but much quicker. 


This is a really handy way to work between these timelines, and I'll let you explore the many possibilities for using this method.


-- Kevin

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