Wireless HDMI - MARS 300 & Nyrius Transmitter and Receiver

July 6, 2019



The Nyrius didn't work out, but the Mars 300 from Holyland is what I need for wireless HDMI.


I look at the Hollyland Mars 300 HDMI wireless video transmitter kit which transmits up to 300 feet and runs $499 USD at the time of this review.


It's got all the features of Wireless HDMI systems at 3 times the price.


From the other reviews, 300 feet line of sight is an understatement, as I got that inside my studio and house through lots of walls and interference.


For my purposes, I needed something reliable, well built, and would be able to move for my upcoming live streams, and this unit does not disappoint.


If you need this capability, I do recommend this unit.


p.s. I don't mean to bang on the Nyrius, it's not a bad unit as long as you stay close and aren't moving around a lot.


Mars 300 (300 Feet):



My favorite Sony Batteries at $23:


Nyrius (30 Feet):


My New YouTube Channel:


Two other reviews I trust (and channels you should subscribe to):


Bart Jonson's Mars 300 Review:


Curtis Judd's Mars 300 Review:



-- Kevin

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