Subscriber Green Screen Review With Tips and Tricks

July 15, 2019



Raul, a subscriber, was asking me questions about his green screen shooting, and I asked him to send me a video so I could see what was going on.


He sends his videos to other editors to edit his videos and was worried about the shooting and lighting part.


He did a great job, especially since I found out he shoots the footage on an iPhone!


I show him a few tips and tricks, but more importantly, helped him see what an editor doing this might be having to correct, and in the end, suggested what he is doing should be fine.


I realized this might be useful to others doing the same thing.


Although the tricks in here are done in Premiere Pro, this applies to any video editor that can pull a key (removing the green).


I mention are how to see hot spots, using a magenta background (the opposite of green), masking, moving away from the background, and more.


p.s. I got Raul's permission to use this - always a good idea. :)


-- Kevin




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