July 16, 2019


It takes a LOT (LOT!!) of hard work to manage a growing YouTube channel, and just posting content is not what makes it happen.


Sure, there's all the stuff you need to do: post on a regular schedule, engage your audience, use great thumbnails, make videos that are of value to your audience, and on and on.


But there's one thing that cannot be overlooked, and that is the individual subscribers and viewers, as without them it is impossible to run or grow a YouTube channel.


I wish I could construct a list of people that have helped and supported the Basic Filmmaker YouTube Channel, Basic Filmmaker University, and the new Basic Filmmaker Unscripted Channel.


Honestly, it would be way too long, as there are so many involved.


It starts with the viewers, the subscribers, my fellow YouTube creators who have always been willing to help and lend a hand, many companies who have been all to willing to offer product and support, the followers on my social media channels, and it goes on and on.


I honestly never intended to have a large YouTube channel or following, and was never headed in the direction of being a "YouTuber."


Unlike some, I find talking about myself quite boring, and would rather chew on nails. LOL! I find others much more interesting than myself.


But, apparently people find what I do have to talk about useful, entertaining, or something to play during their idle hours. :)


After 20,000 + comments and emails, I am proud to know I have in some way helped others, and in the end, that is the best "pay" I could ever have.


There's is NOTHING more rewarding than the achievement of knowing you helped someone else in some small way to be more capable, more efficient, better understood, and more able to create, which in my opinion, is the gift of life - the ability to create something.


If you are reading this, you most likely had a hand in that, and I cannot thank you enough for your support.


Thank you to the companies, creators, subscribers, followers, and friends who made this achievement possible. You know who you are.


I could not have done this without you.


My Love To You All,


Kevin - Basic Filmmaker


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